Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mandarake Microkan: Kinnikuman Heaven at the Nakano Broadway

Mandarake Microkan
Nakano Broadway (Tokyo)
Website | twitter | English Contact Form

"Micro" Miyakoshi-san, Director of Mandarake Micro & Nama Niku

Rare and Uncommon Kinkeshi on Display.  Inventory updates daily, so check back often!

The Mandarake Microkan in Nakano offers the best selection of Kinnikuman items, period.  From Kinkeshi and rare vintage items, to hard to find modern day goodies, they have it all.  CCP, Five Star Toy, Bandai, Microman, and Romando are all part of their featured lines.  The Microkan staff knows more about Kinkeshi and Kinnikuman than just about anyone around.  More importantly, they are also fans of the series, and can point you in the right direction regardless of what collectibles you are looking for.

Not sure what Mandarake currently has in stock?  Check out their English site's massive selection of current Kinnikuman Items via super simple online cart and checkout functionality.

Keep in mind however that the vast majority of their Kinkeshi items are not posted online.  For those, be sure to follow the official Microkan twitter feed for real time inventory updates.  Any items featured via twitter are available for purchase through their English Contact Form.  Most uncommon Kinkeshi items move very quickly.  Figures often fly off the shelves the very same day they arrive, so act fast!

Once you send your item inquiry, Mandarake will respond with product availability, pricing and shipping quotes.  Looking for something special or hard to find?  Friendly English speaking staff are more than willing to help you look for anything you need.  PayPal and fast overseas shipping is no problem!

Everything in this case is eligible for online sales!  Just shoot them a message via their English Contact Form.

Hunting for specific Kinkeshi to complete your collection?  Look no further!

These GIANT Kinkeshi grab bags are a fantastic value and can all be shipped overseas!

30 + Dekakeshi for under $10?  Insane!
Romando Figures Galore!  Chances are if you are looking for it, they have it.

Mandarake Mico Store Front

Rotating Selection of Five Star Toy Sofubi

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  1. Oh man I want a Five Star Toys hot pink sofubi Robin Mask!

    Awesome post.