Friday, July 6, 2012

SDCC 2012

Dekakeshi at SDCC!?
Gargamel booth 4739

Image Compliments of Koji_or_gol

My top picks for Nama Niku readers attending SDCC:

1. Gargamel/Misty Fog/Grass Hut (Awesome stuff from fellow Niku heads and all around rad dudes):
  • Le Merde Custom resin and vinyl figures + Le Miniverse figures (love these!) + new prints etc.  My buddy Mike is one of the most talented and nicest guys you will ever meet!
  • Misty Fog Mega Junktion/Megalith release.
  • Gargamel Kinkeshi toy box action + Mind blowing vinyl figures and minis.
  • Lucky Nakazawa Killer art, zines + FU Robo from my friend, and all around amazing guy, Kiyoshi!
Megalith x Mega Junktion
Image Compliments of Gargamel

FU Robo
Image Compliments of Lucky Nakazawa
    2. Super 7
    •  Hollis figure from Le Merde
    3. Shaenon Garrity (Editor of Ultimate Muscle!) panels: 
    • Lost in Translation 
    • Best and Worst Manga of 2012
    I will also be giving out free Namakeshi figures during the week to any Nama readers I come across. Send me a tweet or an email during the event so I can hook you up!

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