Monday, July 16, 2012

A Slice of Niku Heaven at SDCC

SDCC & Kinnikuman
MMA legend Josh Barnett was at the SDCC Gargamel x Grass Hut booth on Saturday meeting fans and signing autographs!

Josh Barnett x 100t

Josh signing my AACC x Kinnikuman x Art Junkie shirt! 

There are so many Kinnikuman and personal connections here is it crazy!  A few of the reasons why this was hands down my most memorable experience at the Con this year:
  • Josh is one of the most skilled and toughest dudes on the planet.  I am a huge fan.
  • He is a fan of Kinnikuman, and Yudetamago are big fans of his MMA and Pro Wrestling careers.
  • Josh personally knows both members of Yudetamago. 
  • Both Yudetamago and Josh have done collaborations with Art Junkie.
  • Art Junkie makes rad Kinnikuman shirts, and Kato-san is part of the Niku family. 
  • I just so happened to have an AACC x Art Junkie shirt (Josh is linked to both). 
  • Josh was so incredibly nice and cool the whole time we chatted ~ A true class act!
  • This all went down at the Gargamel x Grass Hut booth (amazing guys and friends)!
Josh mentioned that he has a one of a kind, full color, signed piece of Buffaloman art... how cool is that?  He also talked about Shimada-sensei's connection to the MMA world, and his history with Megumi Fuji and Art Junkie.  Wow, what an awesome day!

    On top of this awesome experience, here is a little more SDCC Gargamel x Mitari booth Kinnikuman action:

    Part of my SDCC Kinnikuman haul!

    Gargamel booth Kinkeshi madness!

    These guys brought in some amazing keshi!

    A few vintage carded figures I picked up... 
    Notice the Super Phoenix "error card!"

    Many thanks to Josh, Kiyoshi, Gol and the entire Gargamal/GH/MF crew!