Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yudetamago Kinnikuman Charity Auction

Official Yudetamago Charity Auction on Yahoo Japan Auctions ~

"Now is the time for Friendship Power !!"

Listing highlights:
  • Three BamBam88 Kinnikuman T's only available from Yudetamago (2 XLs, 1 M).
  • A highly detailed original color drawing of Kinnikuman.
  • An extremely rare display of signatures: Combined Yudetamago (Shimada + Nakai) signature, along with individual signatures showing both Shimada-sensei and Nakai-sensei's actual names.
100% of the proceeds will go to recovery efforts in Japan.  Only two days left, so you better hurry if you would like to bid!  The official auction can be found Here!

You can check out similar auctions through the same charity by other famous manga artists here.

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  1. If only I had enough money! XD All of the prizes are soo cool!