Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CCP Kinsofu Blood Splatter Figures

Image Compliments of CCP

Blacked out versions of Sunshine, Kinnikuman Great, Kinnikuman, Pentagon and Akuma Shogun with blood splatter highlights.  Killer vinyl at its best ~ 肉

1,500円 for 1, or the set of 5 for 7,500円. Order them here!


  1. These are, without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT, some of the COOLEST looking figures I've seen this year from the vast Kinnikuman arena!!!

  2. Whoa those figures look soooo cool! I would love the whole set!!

  3. When are they released? Cause this baby's are coming home...

  4. wowza!!!! i dare you to find 5 cooler sculpts for under $100US shipped. these are just flat out awesome! if i could only get one, i would have to go for sunshine tho! ;)

  5. Unfortunately these suckers sold out within hours of my post.

    CCP is running a Kinsofu campaign right now where they are releasing exclusive limited figures via their PC and Mobile mail mag. Basically you sign up and will get notice via email when new figures drop and then race to be some of the lucky few to get in on these amazing prices/figs.

    You can sign up here

    Once you enter your email address, you will get a message in your box with a link that you need to click on to confirm your subscription