Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rolling Cradle × CCP Kinnikuman Collaboration

"Space Lone Devil Tag Team" 6090 T-shirt and Original Color CCP Sunshine and Ashuraman Figure Set ~

 I always thought it was the Stray Devil Choujin Combo/Tag Team...

According to the product page, these will only be available for purchase until the 9th of May.  Not a bad price at 8,400円 considering you get both figures and a neato shirt that says "Space Lone Devil" on it...  I guarantee you will be the only kid on the block with one.

Order via Rakuten here.

Up next, is the Muscle Brothers 6090 T-shirt by Rolling Cradle and Original Color Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great CCP Figure Set ~

You can order the Muscle Bro's @ Rakuten here.  Just placed my order for the Space Devil set!

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  1. Whoa those shirts are 100% awesome! I wanna get em both!! 8D