Monday, May 20, 2013

The Meatgrinder Namakeshi

The Meatgrinder
2" (5.08 cm) | Flexible Keshi Rubber
Removable NNWA Championship Belt
Sculpt: Nama Niku x IronHaus
Mold & Casting: Eric Nilla
Release Details SOON!

Nama Terminology 101
1. Japanese word for Meat.
2. Slang for Muscle(s).
4. Kanji on Kinnikuman's forehead.
5. Abbreviated term for Kinnikuman.
Nama Niku
1. Japanese term for Raw Meat.
2. Slang for anything new/fresh/raw relating to the Kinnikuman universe.
3. Rad Kinnikuman Blog.
The Meatgrinder
1. Wrestling champ made up entirely of freshly ground Choujin meat.
2. Official mascot of Nama Niku.

Header Card & Packaging

Ground Meat Body Sporting Removable NNWA Belt

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