Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mandarake "Gomu Day" 【ゴムの日】

Gomu Day Event
Mandarake Nakano Broadway
Kinnikuman Collectibles Galore
Microkan 4F | 5/6

*Image Compliments of @396kancho

Chaos & Butanikuman Exclusives
Kinnikuman Nisei Grand Muscle Series
Mircokan Color Ver. Set | 2,100 円

Lottery Purchase Kinnikuman Items:
HTF KinkeshiHTF Five Star Toy Sofubi
Rare Vintage Kinnikuman Sofubi | More Sofubi
Part 16 Kinkeshi | Rare Parody Fighter Bootlegs
CCP Kinnikuman Figures | SR Kinkeshi |
91' KinkeshiMore SR Kinkeshi

*Online Sales will open the next day for items leftover from the event.

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