Monday, May 21, 2012

肉の日 Kinnikuman Day ~ Friday 6/29

Kinnikuman Day
The 8th official Kinnikuman Day kicks off in Osaka next month on Friday, June 29th.  The event is sponsored by the Shinsekai 100 Year Anniversary Kinnikuman Project, and touts perhaps the most impressive and exciting Kinnikuman celebration madness to date.

 Image Compliments of Yudetamago

The festivities are limited to 200 lucky fans who will be chosen by a special email lottery.
When: 6/29
Where:  STUDIO210 Osaka
Tickets: 1,500円

Event Schedule:
Exclusive Merchandise from: CCP, BamBam88, Five Star Toy, Mars 15 and more...
Performance by Kinnikuman voice actor, Akira Kamiya
Talk Show with featuring Yudetamago and Akira Kamiya
Q&A featuring Yudetamago and the current Editor of Kinnikuman
Live painting session by Nakai-sensei
Kinnikuman vol 39 Autograph and Handshake session
Each attendee will receive an original piece of Kinnikuman artwork signed by Yudetamago

Complete details and ticket info @ Jungle

*Friday the 29th is a bit of a word play in Japanese that cleverly works out to represent "Kinniku day." The "kin" in kinyoubi/Friday, coupled with the "ni/2" and "ku/9," of the 29th end up forming Kin-ni-ku ~

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