Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CCP x Kinnikuman Mammothman Figure

CCP Prehistoric Mammothman

Image Compliments of CCP

Four degrees of CCP Madness
*Normal Sofubi Version | 9,879円
*High Grade Sofubi Ver. (Tusks and Nails made from real Ivory) | 49,800円 ($625)
*Super High Grade Cast Ver. (Tusks and Nails made from real Ivory) | 82,950円 ($1,041)
*Ultimate Grade Cast Ver. (Eyes made from actual Rubies with the Tusks and Nails made from 10,000 year old Mammoth Tusks!!!  Are you ready for the price? 250,000円 ($3,138.69)

Image Compliments of CCP

 Image Compliments of CCP

The Ultimate Grade will cost you more than your monthly mortgage and car payment combined!  You cannot make this stuff up.  Apparently they imported the tusks from Russia... Only in Japan mates!

More image over at CCP!

Sneak Peek: Ruby Armor Akuma Shogun

Image Compliments of CCP

Via CCP 

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