Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fresh CCP x Kinnikuman Drop

Endo-san of CCP was on another episode of Studio Koenji last night giving a sneak peek into some rad new Kinnikuman, Ultraman and Gamera figures.  The audio was a little rough, but the visuals are worth the watch.

The CCP coverage starts at 35:30, with the Kinnikuman specific goods showing up at 40:45 mins in.

Highlights include:

Kinnikuman Battle Ver.
CCP Muscular Collection
Limited Edition of 1000
Pre-order @ TOYFUL

Image Compliments of CCP

CCP x Kinnikuman iPhone 4 covers
Akuma Shogun, Neptuneman, Robin Mask
Order @ CCP Rakuten Shop

Image Compliments of CCP

Enjoy ~ 生肉

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