Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Da Flow Niku Style

Da Flow has been putting out killer designs for quite some time now, but first came to my attention during their recent BamBam88 x Kinnikuman x Da Flow collaboration.  I was lucky enough to meet these guys via Nama Niku, and can say without a doubt that they are class acts.

 Da Flow's Lil' Mister P

Coming out of Mexico, these talented designers represent the best of what the International Kinnikuman scene has to offer.  Their passion and support for the Kinniku universe is matched by their artistic prowess and sense of design.  Their style is fresh and unique, and I have the up-most respect and props for their brand.

Da Flow's Xghettosixsixsix

And now for the good stuff!  Previously unseen artwork, and Da Flow in their own words:

"Kinnikuman has a lot of meanings for us from very early on.  I (Xghettosixsixsix) had a very personal experience as I grew up playing with the little M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, my Grandma and my GrandAunt used to buy me a small can of them every Sunday as we went to Coyoacan to have quality time. Sigh, remembering those days makes me want to return there when everything was easier and when it was just you, family and your toys.

Mariposa by Xghettosixsixsix

Now, Yude's work has inspired us in many ways, first as creating lots of characters and for their passion to Wrestling as Lucha Libre is a huge inspiration in our own personal work as we take fragments from there, comics and pop culture to develop our own unique style.

Golden Mask Arc ~ Warsman (Five-Story Ring Match) 
by Xghettosixsixsix

Having this collabo with BAMBAM88 & The Kinnikuman State was merely a dream come true as we have been huge fans of the manga and anime through the years.  We never imagined that this can be possible, but through the help of a very important friend Goyo (our own mask maker) we had the chance to contact Gamy San (BamBam88) giving us the opportunity to collaborate with his brand and the Kinnikuman characters.

7 Devil Choujin Crest by Lil' Mister P

Now we are feeling very proud of it as it has gotten a great response by the Kinnikuman fans all around the world, and hoping this is not the last collabo we have with Yude's characters. We are expecting for some things to happen in a near future, so if our plans get realized we will let you know shortly.

Dark Robin Mask by Lil' Mister P

Also once we heard that Shimada San used to wear one of the Lucha Libre Nikes we've done in the past and we would like to know if that's true, lol! - Da Flow Team"

Muchas Gracias to Da Flow Team for hooking me up with these amazing pics and information!

Make sure to head over to the KIN29SHOP to pick up some of their designs.  I highly recommend Japonica shopping service if you need help ordering.

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