Saturday, June 2, 2012

CCP x Kinnikuman Tee x Kinsofu MANIA!

Kinsofu Tee Shirt x Figure Sets
(Tee + 7.25" Vinyl Blank Kinnikuman Battle Ver.)
CCP x Kinnikuman | S ~ XXXL
4,620円 | Ships 7/15 ~ 7/20
Black | Blue | Yellow | Red

Blue + Yellow Sets ~ Images Compliments of CCP

Black Set

Red Set

The blue and yellow sets are my personal favorites.  The tee designs are a departure from the standard CCP Monster line feel, and the blank vinyl color choices look fantastic!  The dollar value for each combo has be noted as well.  You will be hard pressed to find another vinyl + tee combo this cheap from any other major player in Japan.

Japanese sizes run on the small side, so I generally order a size up from what I normally wear.  Be sure to take a look at CCP's sizing chart just to be safe!

Need help ordering?  Check out Tenso forwarding service or Japonica shopping service.


  1. Same colors as Famima Kinsofu, it's seem.


    Don't forget it ^o^

  2. Ha ha, nice catch. Maybe they just need to move old product...

  3. Still, a good value and opportunity to get these if you do not already have them.

    Rakuten is the easiest place to buy from, unless you know Endo-san like Clinton... ha ha

  4. Unfortunately i have enough Kinsofu "Flest" (14 I think), juste one i would have was Neptune King Unmasked ...
    No many space at home unfortunately (Kinsofu was now in a box), is boring ^o^.

    I will writting to Endo soon for Super Phoenix & Mammothman figures, damn cool... They made in tokyo now? Is new for the muscular édition...

    I just hope that Eurozone don't crash before ^o^'.

  5. The Eurozone needs to be strong so you can buy more!

    Here is my understanding on where CCP is made:

    Most of their PVC cast figures are made in China and then shipped to Japan to be painted. All painting takes place in Japan.

    Their vinyl figures and t-shirts are all made in Japan.

  6. Limited or small run figures all seem to be made in Japan. Major large release figures are made in China.