Friday, February 10, 2012

Kinnikuman x Shinsekai

Breaking Kinnikuman News
The Shinsekai 100 Year Anniversary Kinnikuman Project!

Image Compliments of Yudetamago

As part of the Shinsekai 100 Year Anniversary Festival, Kinnikuman has been named the official mascot of the famous Osaka neighborhood.  This distinction is a real honor for the franchise, as Osaka serves as the birthplace for both Yudetamago and the Kinnikuman series.

A short list of announced Kinnikuman Project tie-in events include:
  • Nihonbashi Street festival in March
  • 肉の日(Kinnikuman day) on Friday, June 29th
  • Parade and Festival events throughout July
  • Presentation ceremony with Yudetamago and the city mayor
  • Exclusive merchandise galore!
More to come soon!

Shimada-sensei with the Mayor of Osaka!

*Friday the 29th is a bit of a word play in Japanese that cleverly works out to represent "Kinniku day." The "kin" in kinyoubi/Friday, coupled with the "ni/2" and "ku/9," of the 29th end up forming Kin-ni-ku ~

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