Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inside the CCP Factory

My visit to the CCP factory in Tokyo was absolutely mind blowing and beyond incredible.   I would like to express sincere thanks to Yudetamago's manager and CCP's President, Endo-san, for making this happen.  The entire CCP crew was amazing and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity!

 The gateway to Niku Nirvana

 Made in Japan!

The detail and care that goes into the construction of CCP figures is second to none.  Their Kinnikuman figures are constructed and hand painted in Tokyo by a team of massively talented artists.


Recent Mail Mag exclusive figure getting all neat and pretty...

The factory was orderly, clean and efficient.  Everyone working there was focused and proud of their work.  The attention to detail in the production process and true dedication to the Kinnikuman franchise was very apparent.

The Hell's Missionaries

Box of Akuma Shogun Heads

I am also a big Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman fan, so seeing Kinnikuman in the company of these legendary properties was an added treat. 

How rad is this? Hedora, Gamera and a Warsman surfboard!!

The crowning moment of the visit however was being handed a new Akuma Shogun figure that I watched completed before my very eyes... 

 Gotta love that fresh paint smell!

Giant "THANKS" to Endo-san the Great!

Purchase CCP Kinnikuman figures from the Rakuten English site (with direct overseas shipping) HERE.  Check out the rest of my CCP Factory pics HERE.

Long live CCP!


  1. This is OUTSTANDING!!!

  2. Thanks! Check out the additional pics on the link I just posted as well.

  3. Damned! °o°

    I hope visit it too, next year!

    That's seem Great!! You Rock!

  4. Looks like a fun visit!